Business Citizenship

Here are some of my Earth-friendly strategies. I hope my environmental initiatives will inspire other businesses to implement their own strategies as an environmentally and socially responsible business citizen. It's crucial for everyone's success!
  • Recycling
    • Thirsty? I recycle all those plastic water bottles, coke cans, etc. myself and my clients are imbibing in everyday. Such a simple thing adds up and goes a long way.
    • I recycle cardboard & paper products from deliveries, mail, and magazines (etc) that comes to my studio. They say a paper recycling program can reduce your waste by up to 80% and after implementing my program, I am amazed just how much of my waste was paper.
    • I ask lunch deliveries to not include the plastic utensils and use silverware instead. If I receive packaged plasticware from them anyway, I try to donate them rather than just throw them away.
    • Paperless Invoicing - I send electronic invoices, saving paper & fossil fuels it takes to deliver mail.
    • Paperless Bills - I also urge my vendors to only send me electronic invoices.
    • I thoughtfully target paper marketing materials rather than just mass marketing them.
    • Client ftp services - Clients can download their photos rather than colllecting piles of CDs & DVDs.
    • Electrical appliances are unplugged when not in use, saving not only the Earth, but money too. Equipment on stand-by may account for up to 25% of your electrical bill. Here's one of many studies on it.
    • Lights are turned off when not required. Natural daylight can be very invigorating while doing office work.
  • Reusing
    • Artists use all sorts of materials and leftover goods in their creations. You never know what project your local creatives may be working on and what unique materials they are seeking out! I donate materials from shoots and my home to artist cooperatives or use to give as much "stuff" a second life as I can.
  • Green Transportation
    • Fortunatly, JR Studios is located in a city known for it great public transportation and so many local jobs and business meetings can be reached via subway. And when a car is needed, ZipCar has one around the corner.