Hi! My name is Julia Roberts - yes, really! - and I am the Owner of JR Studios. I am a Brooklyn-based photographer, filmmaker, and digital artist. Given the nickname "eagle eye" by friends in my childhood, it was apparent early on that I had a knack for seeing visual subtleties that not everyone else could see. Although my eyes allowed me to pick up on the visual subtleties in life, it is the struggle of transferring those subtleties to a tangible photograph that is a constant work of love.

By combining artistic integrity with technical tendencies and physical fitness, I am able to create a unique style and a successful outcome for my clients. But don't just take it from me, you can get a hint of this success by reading through a few of my testimonials.

I studied cinematography and art history, earning a Bachelor of Science with Honors & Summa Cum Laude Recognition in Film and TV Production, through Boston University's College of Communications. This would be the foundation that would allow me to learn and refine over the years how to tell a visual story using equal parts sound technical specifications, intellectual theories, and gut instincts.

I've had the good fortune to travel to a few countries, including extended stays in France and England. While my ultimate destination is to go into space [seriously], I am always interested in travelling and shooting on-location outside of the NYC Metro area. I carry a current NYS driver's license, USA passport, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge! Looking forward to meeting you!